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“Thank you! You made my Day! Heck, you made my whole year!  Thanks so much for the care package. I was not expecting to receive anything in the mail. That really touched me and made my day. You really know how to make a person feel special. Thanks again!”

- Natalie, Norfolk State University


"Thank you so much from the very bottom of my heart. The care package was so sweet. It came at the perfect time!  The morning I picked it up I was so tired and frustrated about school. I picked up the package and opened it right there in the mail room. I smiled the entire walk back to my room. Thanks for brightening up my day…. I can’t express my gratitude, I’m so blessed to have wonderful people supporting me through college. God Bless you and keep smiling!"

​- Ryan, George Mason University


“I received my Care Packages of Love all throughout my college career. I can honestly say that the packages I received were filled with love. There was always odds and ends that I needed being a broke college student. There was everything in my package from a lovely letter to know that I was being thought of to delicious homemade cookies.  As a student being 1,200 miles from home, I was always grateful to receive any type of mail. Thank you!!"

​- Sadia, Prairie View A&M University

- Donna Barrett, founder

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  • Individuals and companies can make donations
  • ​Donations are tax deductible
  • We accept non-monetary donations such as snacks, toiletries​, clothing, and even laptops


Care Packages of Love, Inc.

8787 Branch Ave. Suite #158

Clinton, MD. 20735

I Matter…Someone Considered Me!”


  • Students may request packages or you can make requests on their behalf
  • Students qualify if enrolled full-time at a university or college 50+ miles away from home
  • Students will receive 2-4 care packages throughout the school year

I was on my own, feeling lonely and struggling during my junior year in college.  I was discouraged and depressed, not knowing what to do next.

Then, a package arrived from a beloved Aunt that I frequently visited when in my hometown of Boston.  It was a simple package with snacks, a short note and a navy blue canvas tote.

The snacks were soon gone, but the navy blue canvas tote with green handles was still there. That monogrammed tote with my initials, “DMB” became a lifeline.   That package said, “I was thought of, I was not alone…I was considered on purpose.”

That bag, MY bag, was a constant reminder that I was loved at a time when loneliness could have derailed my entire college experience.  Just think, something as simple as a care package containing snacks, a note and a tote bag.

I began sending care packages to our own college children in 2000. Some of their friends would comment that their own families had forgotten them. No one remembered them with a handwritten letter much less a care packages.  My daughters told me that some of their dorm mates would cry because they felt so alone, so forgotten.  My children secretly sent the addresses of those students. I personally made sure each student received a free surprise care package filled with love, goodies and a personal letter.  The smiles, tears and thank you letters from the students confirmed I was doing a good thing…the right thing.

Twenty years later, more than 175 students have been recipients of Care Packages of Love, Inc.  One year, we had 60 college students on the rolls and all received the free Care Packages of Love 3 to 5 times during the school year.

​​Care Packages of Love is a non-profit charitable organization that has been serving the nation's college students since the fall 2000.  The purpose of it is to serve the needs of college and university students navigating the often lonely campus experience.

To date, we have connected with over 60 students a year. We engage the emotional, spiritual, and physical needs of the students as they navigate their college life. Care Packages of Love will mail a care package to the student between 2 and 4 times a year.

We are seeking your support in this endeavor.  Your tax deductible donation of cash, store gift cards, snacks, toiletries, small fun toys, cards, school supplies…most anything, will be used to prepare the much anticipated care packages for our many, many students!